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My name is Gabriela Bazan.  I have built my career on helping others build their businesses.  Starting in software over a decade ago, I have held positions in every position in the Software Development Life Cycle.  My favorite and yet most challenging position has been as a business owner for GLB Design & Development where I have extended my services to include various partners of mine on larger projects.

I encourage you to follow me on social media on Instagram @deejaygab_b, Twitter @GabrielaLBazan or friend me on Facebook to get some information on what I’m working on and hopefully some inspiration for your day.


Web Development
Web development includes development of your web or mobile application in PHP, Python, Ruby, Angular languages including various frameworks. This is an hourly rate.

Having built various website, web & mobile applications, I’m equipped with the knowledge and foresight to build solutions and avoid issues.

I work efficiently, communicate well, and provide solutions for my clients that fit their budgets and timelines. Hire Now

Web Design
Web design includes front end development and UI/UX design work using various tools such as Sketch, PSD, or Content Management Systems.

Content Management Systems I work with frequently include WordPress, Magento, Shopify, and Squarespace.  I have worked with Weebly & Wix as well as PrestaShop and Drupal, but my strongest systems are the aforementioned. Hire Now

Project Management / Consulting
Do you need someone to manage your projects or consult on a specific project?  The knowledge that comes with a developer who has been in as many positions as I have in the software development world, allows me to gain great insight as to how the entire process works.

This includes time expectations and pricing.  Book me for a consultation on your project, then hire me for the project if you need my help. Hire Now

Voice Over
I will read your commercial, training video, or role.  All content must be sent in fully typed format and no improvisation will be made unless arranged.

I will provide an mp3 file unless indicated otherwise.

I will edit the file to remove any background noise or errors.

Proofreading content is included.

Please just contact me if you have any questions. Hire Now

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